The year that was…and could have been!

What a way to end the major season! As fans there is little more we could have asked for from the 2018 major season. With that being said, will people please start talking about how much of a force of nature Brooks Koepka is! This guy is an absolute beast there is nothing else you can say. With his 2 unbelievable performances at Shinnecock and Bellerive he in my opinion has cemented himself as force to be reckoned with for the foreseeable future. Don’t get me wrong, I love the masters as much as anyone and I truly enjoyed Capt. America, Patrick Reed taking the green jacket home. And I thought Carnoustie was great theater. With everything that happened coming down that final stretch it gave us glimmers of things we have not seen in a very long time. Then there was Francesco pouring it in from everywhere on the greens, how could you not get up at 5am to watch all of it! But the year no doubt belongs to Brooks.

I’ve been a fan of Brooks for quite a while. I have some unique ties to him indirectly because he is a friend of a friend, so I pull for him.  He shows up, doesn’t run his mouth, puts the hammer down, and gets it done, isn’t that how it should be done? The guy has somehow gone under the radar even after the battle at Shinny and last year at Erin Hills. He doesn’t complain about the lack of recognition either, I think it drives him to be completely honest. With situations such as going into a public gym with World No.1 DJ and someone running up to him saying “do you know who that is? That’s the world number one golfer”. Yeah guy, he knows, you’re also talking to the current US Open champ and now the new owner of the Wanamaker Trophy. This guy is made for the majors, Winning 50% of his last 6, with the possibility of not playing in any after sitting out the masters due to a wrist injury. He is a pure thoroughbred, with a slight chip on his shoulder. A scary combo if you’re anyone in the field with him for the rest of the year, because he’s now playing with house money. Player of the year is pretty much a lock for him, and if he keeps this up the Tour might as well cut him that 10 mil check for the FedEx right now. Coming from the dark place he was in due to injury makes it all the more impressive. He is a concise, articulate, dedicated, raw athlete, reminiscent of a Tiger of old and I can’t wait to watch him pound his way through the Playoffs, then bring the Ryder Cup back home from Paris.

Now let’s get to the Big Cat! It has been a very long time since I’ve yelled at my TV while watching golf like I did this past weekend. I got amped up for Carnoustie when he made his late charge to 1st place, but that fizzled out pretty quick. I was glued to the coverage all weekend, hoping I could see what got me hooked to this game when I picked it up as a 10 year old back in 2000. The seas of people 25 or 30 deep, monstrous roars that feel like earth quakes, Sunday Red, and fist pumps that could knock out Mayweather. I become a kid again when I see Tiger being Tiger. Even in the middle of this “Tiger Boom” having all these young players who idolized him coming up that play fearlessly as he did in the 2000’s they are still no Tiger Woods! It gets my heart pumping, I yell, I throw fist pumps, (which I don’t even do on the course) I become the crazy fan I was for 8 straight summers of watching him at firestone when it was his house. The only time I left the TV Sunday was to grab a beer from the fridge, he had me mesmerized. Brooks was dominant, he had all the tools, but tiger gave us what we’ve wanted to see since his showdown with Rocco at Torry. He was who we all want him to be, who the game needs him to me, and I loved every second of it. After the year he has had reconstructing his image as the greatest player of all time, I cannot wait till the first weekend of April. The stage is set for an amazing remainder of 2018 and 2019. My bold prediction is Augusta and Pebble next year, write it down. The Masters is his, and what better way to add to the tally then coming back to where he won by 15. It was an awesome year, Brooks is Major Championship specialist who seems unbeatable, and pretty much has the Hall of fame locked up before he turns 29. And the Big Cat is finally back! DAMN I LOVE THIS GAME!

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