Why Are We Doing This?


I’m sure many people out there want to know “why are we doing this?” This blog post is an attempt to answer that question. Simply put, we want to grow the game. FireIron has a unique makeup in the fact that we come from two different sides of the game, one of our founders has been playing since he was 10 years old, and the other has only been playing for the past 3 years or so. In all honesty, golf as a whole has been on a steady decline for several years with less people playing, and more courses closing. Reason being, golf, traditionally is very time consuming, expensive, and fairly exclusive. With the boom of Topgolf, however, we’re starting to see a shift in the level of interest in the game and the number of first-timers out there giving it a try.

According to a survey by the National Golf Foundation (NGF), 50% of Topgolf’s customers are hitting a golf ball for the first time ever and 75% of “non-golfers” are interested in playing traditional golf. Using these figures it can be estimated that almost 5 million new players in the past year alone are looking to play on a green grass course. The new challenge is getting those with a new found love for the game onto the course and making it easier.

One of the main barriers to accomplishing that is the cost. Currently, the only two options would be to buy a new set of clubs that may only be used a couple of times or spend a small fortune to rent a set from the course. Those being the only real two options keep a considerable amount of players away from actually trying the game. We needed an easier more cost effective option that won’t scare people from that first interaction that could lead to a lifetime love affair.

That’s where we come in. We are providing a marketplace that matches golfers with clubs just sitting around that need some tender lovin’ with players that need a more economical way to get on the course. Reasons for renting through our marketplace can range from beginners trying to get on the course without the big investment, individuals traveling, or just wanting to try some different clubs. Along with our rental marketplace, we are trying to build a community of golfers. Golf has played a major role in our friendship and creating relationships with others. The game of golf is a world in itself where we can create meaningful lifelong bonds. Through our community network, we are striving to make it easier to get to know others out there with a love for the game. What more could you really ask for, a reasonable way to get on the course, future members of your weekend 4-ball, and great friends that will last forever? That’s why we’re doing this, to share our love for the game with as many people from all walks of life as possible. So come walk the fairways with us on this journey, it may just change your life!


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