The Lake


The relationship I have with the next course in my Top 5 public tracks in Jup/Palm Beach didn’t start off as a playing relationship. Lost Lake Golf Club is where I spent my first year and a half in South Florida as an employee. It’s a bit north of Jupiter located in Hobe Sound. Being that I worked there, I’m not going to sit here and say what their specialty cocktails are, how good the food is (only ate on property once), or what the business end of the club does well or lacks. This review is strictly going to be carried by the awesome golf course tucked away off of US 1 that no one really knows about.
I fell in love quickly with the course itself at Lost Lake. Playing to just shy of 7000 Yards all the way back, this course is a great test of shot-making and imagination. It’s a Fazio design, with tight fairways that require specific yardages, perfectly placed bunkers, beautifully routed holes that bring natural hazards into play, and small elevated greens that force your iron game to be on point. My first few times around the course I went solo, which I usually do at new courses I start working at, just to figure out the routing so I could make some money off my buddies. Early evenings after closing up the barn have always been my favorite, but they were amazing out there. Picturesque views of not only a beautiful course but also nature in a very raw and tranquil form. I had the place to myself on a very regular basis and absolutely loved it. I could practice any shot I could ever think of while. Tight par 4s, long par 3s, and par 5s that are true risk-reward holes, I was in heaven during those nights. I was blown away by how this course forced you to play good golf, but at the same time did not beat your brains in. The first hole showcases this very well, a 400-yard par 4 that at your first glance is fairly stock, but once you get into it you find out how the course will get you. A slight dog leg left where you can see the green from the tee, but what you can’t see are the bunkers on the left side of the fairway or the slop on the left side that if hit there is a good chance you will be playing out of a natural area. Don’t think bailing out on the right will help you either because it is lined with a pond that splits numbers 1 and 18. Then you deal with the approach shot which looks fairly benign from the fairway, but jokes on you. The whole green is elevated roughly 8 feet I’d say, with runoffs that take you a considerable distance away from the putting surface. Along with that, there is some good bunkering on the left side of the green that forces you to get a little saucy with your wedge. These sorts of tests are present throughout your whole round at the Lake.
I spent over a year working at Lost Lake because I thought the course was a perfect test of a player’s ability. This even rang true when I would bring my friends up to play. They would always leave saying “I love playing here” or “how did I not know this was here, this place is awesome”. Those comments are coming from guys like me who have lived the golf life for a very long time. Past college players, club pros, mini-tour pros, it doesn’t matter, this place just satisfies the senses for players. Without a doubt I recommend teeing it up at Lost Lake, it’s a little hidden so give yourself some time to find it. One last little tidbit of info that may be helpful for your round is the nickname given by the members, the place also goes by “Lost Balls” mostly because those lost lakes aren’t all that hard to find. So you might want to bring an extra sleeve or 2 with you, have fun and play well out there!


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