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Well we’ve finally made it to the 5th course in my top five in Jupiter/Palm Beach. Took me a bit longer then I had hoped and I apologize to you readers. Just so we are clear these 5 courses are in no particular order. Do I have a favorite out of them, absolutely, but all 5 of them are up there in my book that you need to get out on if you are in the area and haven’t seen them. This last one is in a bit of a unique situation. Located on US 1 in North Palm Beach is North Palm Country Club. This is a very fun golf course in respects to how it played before. The uniqueness in this review is the fact that the course was completely blown up this summer for a total face lift. Everything from the clubhouse to the greens out there are being redone, and I am excited to see it once it opens for the 2018/2019 Florida golf season. There are a lot of very cool aspects to what North Palm was prior to the redo and I’m sure they are only making it better with the extensive work they are putting into the property. The track is a Jack Nicklaus Signature Design stretching out to a little over 7000 yards from the back, including very unique elevation changes and rolling topography, extremely tricky greens and less then friendly bunkers all around the course. That being said it is very fun and very fair like most of the courses Jack has been involved in.

The first time I played this course I had so much fun, it’s an unbelievably good challenge. Along with that it was the first Jack course I had ever had the chance to tee it up on which I thought was very cool. That goes back to the fact that I grew up in the middle of nowhere, but that’s neither here nor there. Everything you hear about Jack’s courses rings true at North Palm. Very gracious fairways with plenty of room, granted it does help to play to certain areas off the tee on some holes. After the tee shot is when the course starts to show her teeth. The green complexes out here are demanding to say the least. Multiple tiers, valleys, swales, bunkers, big trees protecting them, the list goes on. Not only that but the course is fairly close to the ocean and a few holes butt up against the North Palm Beach Waterway. So it’s fair to say there is usually a considerable amount of wind out there that seems to be blowing straight into your face on every single hole. It is without a doubt a shot maker’s course, it will force you to get creative and tap into your imagination to get around and post a number. Each hole out here is full of character including views of the water which usually includes a modest yacht passing bye, beautifully routed holes, perfectly placed bunkers, and in my opinion one of the more sneaky difficult finishing 3 holes you are going to find. This place truly is a blast to tee it up on and I always enjoy getting out there. One very cool element to North Palm isn’t even on the golf course. They provide the grinders in the game a place to work on their craft after dark. The driving range out here is completely lit up at night which I think is awesome. Other than the topgolfs of the world I’ve never been on a range that is illuminated at night. The lit range also helps if you’re in a bind trying to come up with date night ideas 😉

North Palm is one of those places I don’t go to all that often, but I always have a blast out there because it forces you to consider different shots due to the lay of the land. I’m very excited to see what direction they go with the redesign and what they do with the perfect little chunk of land the course lays on. I’m pretty sure the projected opening date was in November at some point, but from what I have heard that’s probably not going to happen. So once they are opened back up if you haven’t been out there you flat out need to go! With this review we conclude my top 5 down here in Jup/Palm Beach. I really hope you all enjoyed following me along with my little trip through the county. All 5 of these courses are well worth your time if you have not seen them or are looking for somewhere to peg it down here. Keep an eye out for our next blog and hopefully I’ll see you out on the course, PLAY WELL!



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