Love Affair: Part 1 (Chris)

The Dye Preserve 11 – Jupiter, FL

Hello everyone, it’s been quite a while. We haven’t forgot about you here at FireIron. With a very busy past few months running around for the holidays, new babies, multiple jobs, and trying to get our platform off the ground, our blog has fallen by the wayside. I am sincerely sorry about this. Similar to my love for the game I have found a true passion for expressing my thoughts and views of golf and life through our blog. With that being the case I saw an opportunity for us as a team to express to you the “love affair” each of our original partners have developed with the game of golf and how that came to be throughout our lives. I asked both Chris and Brian to give me a short write up on how this game became so special to them. We all have our own reasons as to why the game resonates so strongly within our lives, and Im not just talking about the 3 of us. Every single person who plays this game has a special reason or instance behind playing the game. A perfectly struck 7 iron, the competitive nature of sports, the influence of a parent, or just a way to spend a few hours with buddies drinking some beers, the game speaks to everyone out there for one special reason or another. My original intention for this segment was one write up of a few paragraphs from the guys and myself to express how we developed the relationship we have with golf. That plan had to be thrown out due to the length of our stories. Its no shock at all that we all have a lot to say about why we play, how we found the game, and why we want to be involved in it for the rest of our lives. To kick off this 3 part segment we are going to start with our Co-Founder Chris, who I like to take a little credit for in getting him hooked on the game. The second segment will be Brian Purcell, who Chris and I brought on as a partner to help us get FireIron rocking and rolling. The 3rd installment of this segment will be about my journey through the game. Each of these posts will be in each of our own words, with brief openers from me just to get it rolling. So in his own words here is Co-Founder Chris with his story on why he loves the game so much!

When I was first approached by Garrett to write an article on why I picked up golf in the first place my answer was because after college I became too fat and slow to compete in any other sport. But as I began to seriously think about it, my physical stature had nothing to do with my transition to golf. I’ve always been one to be pretty good at any sport I played, until I tried golf. My mechanics have been so trained for hockey that it was (is?) nearly impossible to forget all that and learn how to swing a golf club. I began playing golf as I imagine many people have over the past 5 years, after spending a significant amount of time and money at Topgolf. What started as another reason to have a couple beers with friends quickly turned into an obsession in beating them at Something else. After going to Topgolf a couple times I decided it was time to ditch my 20 year old hand me down clubs and buy my own set. After a quick trip to the sports store dragging Garrett along as my “personal golf consultant,” I had a new set of sticks and was ready to get after it!  Since then I’ve tried to play as much as possible in as many different places as possible. As I think about why I continue to forego sleep on weekends and wake up early to whack around a little white ball, I keep coming back to the friendships I’ve made and cultivated on and around the course and the game itself. It allows me to spend quality time with the best people I know. As my friends and I grow older and move through the different phases of life it’s always good to take a couple hours, have a couple beers, complain about terrible putt reads, and make fun of everyone else’s “poor form”. It has also allowed me to appreciate much more while traveling. Rather than staying in my downtown hotel room, I have another reason to get to the outskirts of town to enjoy and notice the subtle difference between landscaping, terrain, and nature of the unique parts of the US and the world. This is what FireIron is all about, making it easier to play while you’re traveling and giving our members opportunities to forge friendships on the fairways of America’s golf courses.

If you’d like to learn more on how FireIron can help you get out on the course, drop us a line on our “Contact Us” page.

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