Launching the only peer-to-peer golf club marketplace:

I’ve jokingly mentioned it time and time again throughout our blog and social media that we are grinding on the range getting ready to tee off. It’s been an unbelievable process this past year trying to create this platform we have so much vision for. We have grown from just Chris and Garrett brainstorming over the phone and through txt about possible ideas and where we could fit in the golf world, to bringing on a few more friends and colleagues to help us in developing what we think is a very fun and unique idea to grow this crazy game in more ways than one. We are not doing this to make money, we are not doing this in hopes of retirement (granted we are hoping this is a successful venture), we are doing this because we see a chance to help our fellow golf nerds solve a decent amount of issues associated with golf itself. I have always fought the concept that the game of golf is an elitist hobby only for the wealthy and for those of high standings in society. I have fought with individuals who have said to my face “too many people play the game, it is meant for the wealthy. Why do so many people seem to think they belong”? That word right there “belong” even though I respect its purpose in our industry has rubbed me the wrong way for years. I personally have never membered up anywhere, the only place I belong is on whichever golf course I can get myself on. When I get asked “where do you belong” or “where do you play out of” I quickly say “anywhere I can tee it up”. We at FireIron truly have only one vision for all of those who follow us as a brand. We want to create a user friendly atmosphere for anyone and everyone who is drawn to the game. We want to foster relationships, connect likeminded individuals who have plenty to offer each other, and while we are doing so, develop a community with the intent of getting more people out on the course where we all “belong”. Who knows what could come from an individual listing their old set of clubs up on our marketplace for rent. Maybe a beautiful friendship could blossom when people start asking questions about which courses they should play because they are from out of town, maybe it will give the person listing their clubs a new playing partner and a reason to dust those clubs off and get back on the course, maybe the traveling business man who hasn’t played in years will start to play again here and there because it is more feasible to do now. We are unbelievably excited for all these opportunities because just like you we are stepping into a vast unknown with this endeavor. The plan is to not only grow as a business, but to grow as a community. We want your input, we want to know what you think about the idea. It has blown me away at the following we have quickly developed on social media. To some 500 people following a particular account on Instagram or twitter may not seem like much. But to our team, we think it is amazing that in roughly a year we have caught the eyes of that many people. Maybe it is just for the pictures they see or the witty comments, or maybe they find the idea itself intriguing. Whatever the reasoning may be we love it. We are unbelievably thankful you are all along for this wild ride with us, keeping an eye on the progress. There are a lot of ideas still in the works but we are extremely proud to be launching this upcoming weekend at the Pittsburgh Golf Show where 2 of our partners will be on the showroom floor trying to spread the word. We want this amazing game to be accessible to everyone in as many ways as possible. Whether it be cost, equipment restrictions, needing playing partners, needing knowledge, or just knowing there are thousands of more people out there just like you who have the bug. You are all part of the FireIron team now and we cannot thank you enough for being present through this journey. So welcome to our weekly foursome, congrats on your new membership, thanks for joining the weeknight skins league. We all belong on the course, so let’s get the balls in the air and see where this new round leads us. Just keep swinging everyone, it’s gonna be a hell of a ride!

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