Meet Our Team

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Chris Mandia, CEO, Co-Founder

Chris is relatively new to the golf world. Truth is, Chris grew up with a love for a different game, hockey, but when it became evident that he wouldn’t be winning any Stanley Cups, and beer league hockey was in his future it was time to pick up a new hobby. Golf. The hobby turned into a passion, the passion turned into an obsession, which is why Chris decided to call up Garrett to start a company. As a traveling consultant he found it impossible to play on the road without spending a fortune for rental clubs, and shipping his own was not an option. Thus the idea for FireIron was simple, find a way for golf enthusiasts and beginners alike to play for less. Since we can’t convince the courses to lower their Greens Fees (we tried), we decided to create a community of golfers who all have one goal in mind, to grow the game together.

Garrett Kimple, CBO, Co-Founder

Garrett is what you would call a journeyman of the game. His love for the game started at the age of 10 in Northwestern Pennsylvania when his father, Alan, finally convinced him to pick up a club. Graduating with a degree in Clubhouse Management and Marketing from Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pa, (Where founders Chris and Garrett met) and Playing 4 years of NCAA Golf, his life and career has been built by the game. In 2011 Garrett landed an internship at the Meadville Country Club, which led to over 2 years of very close hands on experience in the operations of the club world. Following the great opportunities at Meadville, Garrett spent a season working at Belle Haven Country Club in Alexandria, Virginia. He spent the season working under a great professional staff and providing impeccable service to one of the larger clubs in the D.C. area. This experience was eye-opening to what the industry really could be for him. After a brief sabbatical from the golf world trying to chase a real adult job, Garrett found his way to Jupiter, Florida to reenter the golf industry and chase his passion. His time in south Florida has been split between two clubs. Working Outside Staff at Lost Lake Golf Club in Stuart, Fl, and Caddying at The Dye Preserve in Jupiter, Fl. The next step in this golf Journey is FireIron. With his unbelievable love and respect for the game of golf, it has always been a dream to find a way to give back.

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