How It Works

It’s simple to find the clubs you want, where you want. Spend less time waiting for your clubs to be shipped and more time collecting birdies on the course. So pack light, and save money with our club sharing marketplace.

Search the listings. Find rental clubs based on where you will be golfing and how many days you’ll be using them. Maybe you’re looking for a set of Pings in Pittsburgh or TaylorMades in Miami, our sellers, have an array of listings to choose from to match your game. Choose what clubs you want to use and make a request for the dates you’ll be using them.

Rent the clubs. Enter your payment information into our convenient and secure payment terminal and a hold will be placed on your credit card for the amount of the rental. You’ll get an automated email when the lister accepts your request to rent. Simply message the lister using our in-app messaging and arrange a time and place to pick them up, or let them add a personal touch and deliver to the course.

Play a round. Or rounds. Remember, if you don’t play well you can always “blame the clubs”.

Return the clubs. Coordinate the return using the in-app messaging, and return them to the lister so someone else can use them! Don’t forget to leave a review of your rental experience!

Here are some tips to follow when arranging your pickup:

  • Always meet in busy public places such as coffee shops or mini-malls. Keep in mind, Sellers always have the option to deliver the clubs to a nearby golf course!
  • Never give out personal financial information to other users. All transactions occur through our secure payment terminal.
  • Always use FireIron’s in-app message feature to communicate with other users.
  • Check out other users’ profiles, ratings and reviews to see who they are and what others have said about them.
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